Joelle Murray

Career Objective:
To work with a team and use my illustrative skills to bring stories, games, and animations to life with unique characters, worlds, and levels that in turn, inspire the world around me.
Skills and Qualities
  • Wide experience designing characters, environments, props, and assets, for different projects in different styles
  • Fluent in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash
  • Strong sense of color and light, and how light affects color in certain situations
  • Committed to the team in completing tasks after hours and weekends as needed
  • Able to communicate across multiple departments for ideas and projects
  • Excellent problem solving skills and able to quickly iterate on new ideas with minimal instruction
  • San Jose State University, BFA in Animation/Illustration. Fall 2007-Spring 2013
  • San Jose State University, Minor in Dance. Fall 2007-Spring 2013
  • Magna Cum Laude Honors
Work Experience

Character Artist at Disney Interactive
June 2015-Present
  • Re-designed multiple Disney characters to match the quilted style of the mobile builder game “Disney Enchanted Tales”
  • Created turnarounds of characters to pass on to 3D modelers
  • Managed outsourced characters by creating character reference sheets, giving corrections to turned in work, and reporting progress to the in house team every morning
  • Worked on paint-overs of 3D character models to make sure the character was captured correctly
Art Intern at Elevate/ Mindsnacks Inc.
December 2014-February 2015
  • Designed animal, food, travel, avatar, and calendar icons for the games “Retention”, “Name Recall”, and “Measuring” for the app “Elevate” using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Created final illustrations for the game “Comprehension”
  • Explored different color, pattern and UI possibilities with design leads for the “Word Recall” game
  • Designed tangram animals for the game “Brevity”
  • Elevate” chosen as Apple’s 2014 App of the Year
Art Director at Recurious
March 2012-November 2014
  • Lead visual development artist for the iPhone games “Dinorama”, “Arty Party”, and “Tiny Trains”
  • Designed characters for all three games in different styles
  • Created the final assets for all three games using Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Animated walk, eating, sleep, and special trick cycles for the dinosaurs in “Dinorama”
  • Worked with programmers to get animations into the games
  • Dinorama” Awards: New & Noteworthy-Apple, Editor's Pick-Common Sense Media, Editor's Choice- USA Today, 5/5 Awesome- MacLife Magazine
Animator/ Inker for “Green Ninja: For Goodness Rake” Animated short
August 2012- May 2013
  • Traditionally animated scenes and did the final inking in preparation for adding color in Photoshop
  • Added color to inked scenes when color team was behind schedule to assist in getting things back on track
  • Digitally cleaned up inked scenes to get rid of loose pixels and unwanted artifacts
Character Designer for “Tamara” Short Film
June 2011-August 2011
  • Designed the mother and stuffed bear characters for the film
  • Created call out sheets for 3D modelers in Photoshop
  • Drew the mother’s facial expressions and mouth shapes for animators
Animator/Inker for “Tule Lake” Animated short film
August 2011- December 2012
  • Animated and inked scenes to prepare them for digital coloring
  • Worked with a team to finish animating, cleaning, and inking a scene to keep film on schedule
  • Cleaned up inked scenes digitally in Photoshop to get rid of floating pixels and artifacts
  • Film was nominated for a 2013 “Best Student Short” Annie Award
Storyboard Artist for the National Science Foundation
April 2011-July 2011
  • Designed characters and created a script about using reusable containers versus water bottles to be a part of “The Green Ninja” animated series
  • Storyboarded camera angle changes to show what the final animation would possibly look like
  • Recorded voice acting and, worked with a sound designer to create sounds to add to the final animatic
  • Edited the final animatic in Adobe Premiere, cutting together the drawings, sounds, and voices
Arts and Crafts Coordinator at Claudia Landeen After School Service
October 2006-May 2007
  • Taught children artistic techniques and showed them how to apply them to holiday crafts
  • Came up with different projects relating to the holidays and gathered the tools to complete them
  • Helped children when they had questions or needed assistance using the materials
  • Talked with the children about their day, family, and friends while crafting to create a fun, relaxed environment
Daycare Assistant at Betty's Daycare
June 2005- June 2007
  • Helped plan and prepare the children’s meals, as well as daily activities
  • Taught the children several arts and crafts techniques and created projects
  • Supervised the children’s playtime activity outside
  • Assisted in signing children in and out when parents dropped them off or picked them up
  • Society of Illustrators Award- Illustration chosen to be on display in the student gallery in Fall of 2012
  • 2nd Place in Nickelodeon Character Design project- Chosen out of two classes, including the senior class, by Nickelodeon heads for second place in a character design assignment that was given. Spring 2011
  • 2010 “Best in Show” Award for my short animation “Love on Wheels”